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About the Photos

Hand-Colored Photographs

Mark has specialized in Black & White Photography for over 30 years. Originally he had a 1958 Airstream trailer that was his darkroom and developed his film and printed his own work. A lot of his original work was processed from film and developed in the darkroom.

These are photographs that he hand-colored using a variety of oils, pastels and water colors on the originals.

He then prints from the original using archival papers and inks and then goes back in and enhances each photograph with pastels, oils or water colors or a combination. The final photographs go to galleries or are purchased through Mark.

If you order a photograph on aluminum it will be enhanced before being processed & printed on aluminum.

The Giclee premium paper prints are signed on the front of each art piece. Mark provides information about the art and artist on a self adhesive label that you can attach to the back of the frame or aluminum art.

“Junk in the Trunk”

These photographs are close-up shots taken of old rusty cars or machinery. Mark looks carefully for texture, design composition or something that just catches his eye. He then enlarges the photograph and enhances it with bold & vivid colors.

This art tends to mimic scenes in nature or the cosmos.

I’ll leave that to your imagination!

They are beautiful printed on paper or aluminum.

Straight Shots

These photographs are some of the many photographs that were taken in and around the Four Corners area and other places Mark has traveled. He is inspired by the quiet beauty of the landscape that surrounds him. His focus becomes honed-in on the small details that we tend to overlook in nature and the surroundings we pass by in our daily lives. For Mark it’s a journey that revitalizes his soul and opens his heart.

Whether you are looking for Colorado landscape photography, autumn photography, or unique imagery from around the world, I am confident you will be impressed with the final result and enjoy your art for many years to come.

Other services

  • Prints are also available in black and white
  • Custom matting and framing
  • All artwork can be printed on canvas, aluminum, and other mediums.
  • Let’s talk about that blank wall!

Call the toll-free number or email Mark for specific costs for different sizes


Phone: 1-888-686-7161